What Our Clients say about us

  • The fact that I would ever be the proprietor of a web site could not have been a more foreign thought to me. I am so far behind the curve technologically speaking, that the very idea made me feel weak in the knees. Ernest Vogliano and Monster Productions has delivered me into the 21st century with very little pain (most of the pain that I did experience, was certainly self inflicted). I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, and workable web site. The more impressive thing is, I can actually administrate it myself. I always have someone to call if I hit a stumbling block, but I am off and running with no injuries......Who would have thought? Monster Productions can come to your rescue.....I'm living proof!
    Bedford House / Dennis Anderson /
  • "I began working with Monster Productions after seeing their stand-out work for their many premium clients.  Airstream 2 Go is now one of them! Faced with a complex project involving many layers of creative and technical input, Monster's people really rose to the challenge, helping to position Airstream 2 Go with an outstanding look and feel.  Not only is the website fantastic, but so too is our bespoke iPad application.   Thanks to Ernest and his team!"
    Dicky Riegel / Founder / CEO Airstream 2 Go
  • We get countless compliments on our website and that is a testament to the great work of Monster Productions.  They have been a loyal partner for more than a decade and deserve enormous credit for the way we successfully (and creatively) present ourselves to the public, as well as to current and existing clients.
    Tom Goodman / CEO Goodman Media International
  • The creativity and personalized attention Monster Productions has provided us for all aspects of our internet marketing and server side applications is what we strive to find in any working relationship. The care and insight into our business is what makes them so special to us. 
    David Barber / Owner Blue Hill Farm